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To achieve the goal of R&D and industrialization of 300mm silicon wafers, Zing is actively introducing the top technology and operation management experts with rich experience in the preparation of 300mm silicon wafers to build the management team. At present, our company has brought in the core team composed of more than 170 experts with working experience in 300mm silicon wafer, including international leading technical experts in various processes such as crystal pulling, slicing, polishing, cleaning and epitaxy.Zing has gathered engineering and technical personnel with 300mm silicon wafer experience and R&D capability to cooperate with the expert group so as to gurantee the 300mm wafer R&D, manufacturing, technology, quality control and other related work.

The future goal of HR department is to further strengthen structural changes by establishing key processes that standardize the management of the employees’ life cycle such as recruitment, retention, career development and termination.

Organization Construction:

Ⅰ、Determine the short-term and long-term needs of organization according to the strategic plan.

Ⅱ、Make a Long-term plan for personnel needs, strengthen the recruitment process and ensure the recruitment of the best talent to build a first-class talent team.

Ⅲ、Adjust employees’ salaries and benefits continuously through performance appraisal results, and effectively control the product costs.

Establish an architecture that enables the commercialization of 300mm silicon wafer. This is achieved through the establishment and improvement of products, processes and people (PPP), which requires the continuous development and support of R&D, Technology Marketing, Production, Finance, Sales, HR and Legal functions.

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Ⅰ、Continuous job training

Ⅱ、Employee career planning and position construction of promotion channel

Ⅲ、iii Establish a competitive and internally fair compensation system

Ⅳ、 The long-term incentive policy of stock option incentive

We have established incentive regulations matching the performance assessment indicators to motivate people with the ability and motivation to undertake the long-term plan and predictable project implementation based on long-term goals, so as to motivate and reward specific improvement goals and create an environment that can retain excellent talents.

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Performance Appraisal

Ⅰ、 Annual performance review

Ⅱ、Continuous progress of PIP

Establish the measurable performance appraisal (KPI) system to improve the efficiency of employees and achieve the company's strategic goals. In this process, the specific standards and implementation system of the termination of labor relations should be improved.

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Job Application
We are looking forward to more like-minded people joining us!
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Ensure that the company's product technology, quality, cost and other indicators meet the needs of the semiconductor wafer manufacturing market, and meet the first-class technology and service standards. To build a national brand of China's wafer industry and make its greatest contribution to the development of China's semiconductor industry.
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