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The company's core R&D team members are the senior technical experts in semiconductor materials industry.

The key members are mostly from the world's advanced semiconductor research centers and the world -famous leading silicon wafer companies, who have been engaged in the R&D of semiconductor materials for a long time, and have successfully broken through many technical difficulties in the field of semiconductor materials.

Cover crystal growing, material characterization analyzing, silicon wafer manufacturing as well as researching on reliability of detections, monitorings and analysis. Wuth proven ability to develop new products, new processes and lead technology transfer.

Technical Area

i.With simulation of temperature distribution and dynamic fluid flow analysis, our crystal team developed excellent and unique hot zone in our crystal pullers, which enables fabrication for near perfect large diameter silicon wafer. ii.With extensive and advanced experience of our wafering team in sawing, grinding, polishing and cleaning, we have improved the flatness and particle level of our products to world class. iii.We also have a strong EPI team includes both international experts and decent domestic engineers. We made significant breakthroughs in thickness variation control and metal reduction, and successfully entered mass production for epitaxy wafer.

IP Area

Since Zing’s establishment, 572 patents have been applied globally, of which 502 patents have been applied in mainland China and Taiwan, mainly in the aspects of crystal growth, silicon wafer substrate process, epitaxy deposition and etc. So far, 201 patents have been granted, and other patents have been accepted and are being examined and approved.

Scientific research projects

At present, Zing undertakes two major national projects of 02 science and technology, including "development and industrialization of 300 mm silicon wafer for 40-28 nm node IC manufacturing" and "development and industrialization of 300 mm silicon wafer for 20-14 nm node IC manufacturing". In addition, the company also undertakes national intelligent manufacturing projects and strategic emerging industry projects in Shanghai LinGang area.

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