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High-purity semiconductor-grade polysilicon (99.999999999%) is placed in a quartz crucible, and is continuously heated with a graphite heater surrounded by the outside. The temperature is maintained at about 1400 ℃. The air in the furnace is usually an inert gas, which melts the polysilicon while Unwanted chemical reactions will occur. In order to form single crystal silicon, it is also necessary to control the direction of the crystal: the crucible is rotating with the polycrystalline silicon melt, a seed crystal is immersed in it, and the drawn crystal is rotated in the opposite direction with the seed crystal, while slowly and vertically The ground is pulled up from the silicon melt. The melted polysilicon will stick to the bottom of the seed crystal and grow up in the direction of the seed crystal lattice. Therefore, the directionality of the grown crystal is determined by the seed crystal. After it is pulled out and cooled, it grows into a single crystal silicon rod with the same crystal lattice direction as the seed crystal.s
Manufacturing process
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