Zing adheres to the principle of "people-oriented and continuous improvement" to ensure the personal safety of employees. Through various safety education, Zing promotes the awareness of all employees on environmental protection, working safety and physical health.

Zing attaches great importance to employee training on proper operation and usage of equipment and various chemical materials, and aims at "0 accidents" to ensure maximum safety of all employees and the factory.

Adhering to the principle that "everyone participates in environmental protection", Zing creates an energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprise, and performs its responsibilities of environmental protection in the production process, from research and development, production to packaging and sales

Perfect safety measures

Thoroughly implement the relevant measures of environmental protection, safety, health and management. Ensure that chemical usage is reduced, and keep strict control of waste.

Monitoring environmental quality

Comply with the relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection in national and international conventions. According to customer needs, Zing improves environmental safety management measures. Zing promotes energy conservation and emission reduction, controls the emission of waste as well as promotes waste utilization

Fulfill production safety

Strengthen the prevention of accidents, improve the ability to respond, inspect safety facilities regularly to ensure public safety, promoting green production

Human-based Management

Regular training on environmental protection, safety and hygiene, strict operation of environment monitoring, humanized working environment.

Ensure that the company's product technology, quality, cost and other indicators meet the needs of the semiconductor wafer manufacturing market, and meet the first-class technology and service standards. To build a national brand of China's wafer industry and make its greatest contribution to the development of China's semiconductor industry.
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