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The first phase of Zing is commmited to researching and developing high-volume manufacturing processes of 300mm single crystal silicon wafers applied in 40-28 nm nodes, including crystal growing, wafering preparation, epitaxy deposing and related metrologies.

We will build a production base of 300 mm semiconductor silicon wafers, realize the localization of 300 mm semiconductor silicon wafers, and fully meet the urgent requirements of China's large-scale integrated circuit industry for silicon substrate basic materials.

The establishment of Zing has opened a new chapter in the industrialization of 300 mm semiconductor silicon wafers in mainland China. It will completely break the situation that China's large-scale silicon materials are basically dependent on imports, and generally form a complete semiconductor industry chain in China. This in turn, drives the whole industry to improve the product level, and at the same time, promotes the development of domestic silicon material supporting industry.

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Ensure that the company's product technology, quality, cost and other indicators meet the needs of the semiconductor wafer manufacturing market, and meet the first-class technology and service standards. To build a national brand of China's wafer industry and make its greatest contribution to the development of China's semiconductor industry.
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