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Become the world's leading silicon wafer company, complete China's semiconductor industry chain, contribute to the country, cultivate talents for the society, and create profits for companies, investors and


Become a beacon to promote the advancement of semiconductors in China and around the world; stimulate the potential of employees, assume social responsibility, and contribute to building a sustainable and harmonious society!
Core Value



Focus on safety

Health and Environmental Protection

Pursue excellence

Team work


Diligent and dedicated

Ensure that the company's product technology, quality, cost and other indicators meet the needs of the semiconductor wafer manufacturing market, and meet the first-class technology and service standards. To build a national brand of China's wafer industry and make its greatest contribution to the development of China's semiconductor industry.
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We are committed to providing customers with stable quality, competitive cost and high-quality service, and strive to become the first choice supplier of customer partnership

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