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Employee care programs embody the company's value and belief. Respect and protection of employee rights is the basic principle of Zing. We will firmly fulfill this commitment.
It is already the practice of Zingsemi to audit through different methods and procedures (such as Zingsemi's compensation and benefits policy, union policy, etc.), which will help all employees to have a good fair chance and follow the rules.
Employee care programs focus on protecting employees' legitimate rights to create a working environment that can arouse employees' enthusiasm, and promote the construction of corporate culture.

Excellent Salary

Competitive salary, performance-based annual raises, promotions and salary adjustments , quarterly bonuses, etc.
Ⅰ、Basic Pay: Once employed, you will get a competitive salary.
Ⅱ、Quaterly Bonus: Quarterly awards are granted based on company’s quarterly performance and daily performance of employees.
Ⅲ、Merit Raises: Employees receive raises based on their annual performance reviews.
Ⅳ、Option Incentive: The company will announce the stock option incentive plan at the appropriate time. This will not only endow employees with competitive salaries, but also ensure they will get long-term benefits in the future. The allocation can be determined according to the service period or performance appraisal of the employee.

Health Care

Provide health benefits such as physical examination and supplementary medical expense reimbursement for employees.
Ⅰ、Annual Physical Examination: Arrange employees to professional physical examination institutions for comprehensive physical examination and provide health consultation for them every year.
Ⅱ、Supplementary Insurance: The comprehensive welfare plan of employees also includes employee group life insurance and employee supplementary medical insurance benefits.
Ⅲ、Fitness Clubs: Zing supports some fitness clubs for employees, such as some badminton clubs and other projects.

Paid Annual Leave

Provide employees with paid annual leave and other vacation plans.
Ⅰ、Paid Annual Leave: Employees are entitled to 5 days of paid annual leave from the first year of employment. Half day of annual leave will be added after one year of service.
Ⅱ、Paid Holidays: Including all the paid Chinese holidays abided by the government.
Ⅲ、Other Holidays Include: Statutory sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, funeral leave, etc.

Other Benefits

Ⅰ、Social Insurance: Establish various social insurance relationships for employees and pay social insurance premiums.
Ⅱ、Housing Fund: Handle the relevant procedures of housing fund for employees.
Ⅲ、Employee Care Plan: Under special circumstances such as marriage, birth, illness, hospitalization and death of relatives, employees will be given gifts, comforts or cash etc.
Ⅳ、Tourism Program: Zing provides travel opportunities to employees every year at appropriate time depending on the business conditions.
Ⅴ、Festival Benefits: During the traditional Chinese festivals, employees will be given certain comfort products, such as Women's day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and so on.
Ⅵ、Employee Birthday Celebration: Send birthday greetings and gift cards to employees.
Ⅶ、Team Building: Zing supports the departments to carry out team building activities and provides certain subsidies.
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